Carbon Negative Energy

Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage

Our newest investment, is our Swedish Bioenergy Carbon Capture and Storage Facility.  The facility uses sustainably sourced biomass to produce clean energy while removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We have a simple business model, where income is generated from selling the electricity and heat we produce, as well as from the sale of carbon credits for emissions offsetting. 


Decarbonization with BECCS


Sweden is rich with forests and every year roughly two million tonnes of  forestry residues (tree bark, stumps, bark, etc.) are collected and burned every year.  Most of this is wasted and contributes to CO2 in the atmosphere.  As an alternative, we use sustainably sourced biomass and use it in our facility.

Carbon Dioxide Capture

Carbon dioxide capture is a critical part of our commitment to heal the environment. A post-combustion carbon capture process, isolates CO2 from the gases produced when the biomass is being heated. The captured CO2 is pressurised and turned into a liquid-like substance that can then be transported.

Energy Production

Our gasification process is an important waste-to-energy method that yields higher heat recovery and plant efficiency. The heat and electricity produced is used to support local communities in the surrounding area.


Storing Carbon Dioxide

To achieve long lasting permanence the captured CO2 is permanently injected into naturally occurring porous rock formations. As a result mineral storage may occur, where the sequestered CO2 reacts with the minerals binding them chemically into the surrounding rock.

Sustainable Prosperity

At AYK Capital, we are committed to prosperity through sustainable ventures. We are excited about our entrance into the carbon dioxide removal industry. Doing our part in healing and nurturing our planet is vital for future generations to come.