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About Us

An international investment firm

AYK Capital is a privately owned investment firm with operations in Luxembourg, London, Stockholm and Shanghai.

We provide Chinese municipal local authorities, with overseas financing for environmental, social and governance (ESG) projects.

Supported by investors with historical influence in China’s financial and securities fields, our majority shareholder Shanghai AAT-Yunkun Investment Co. Ltd. has a USD 3 billion foreign exchange quota and a foreign debt quota with a capacity up to USD 18 billion, which they operate through AYK Capital.

Our founding team includes senior investment professionals and business leaders from the UK, Sweden and China.

Business Activity

Financing ESG Projects in China

Cross Border financing

Higher interest rates in China drive companies to seek alternative sources of financing. Chinese companies can benefit from reduced financing costs if they are able to access the international market.

The process for accessing international financing is extremely cumbersome and achieving the necessary approvals can be lengthy, bureaucratic and uncertain. In addition to the onshore requirement, for historic reasons Chinese companies often lack experience of international market standards and compliance when dealing with international lenders.

At AYK Capital we use our expertise of the Chinese market and our approved FX quota to significantly streamline this cross-border process for Chinese borrowers. We are currently working with several municipal local authorities, including the cities of Chengdu, Yancheng, Yangzhou and Xiamen to finance their ESG related projects.

Our Values

ESG policy framework

AYK Capital was founded on the principles of diversity and environmental sustainability.  ESG is central to our internal operations, and an essential component of our external financing activities.  Our ESG Policy Framework is comprised of the following three complementary pillars:

Pillar I

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals actively and measurably.

Pillar II

Financing projects that are aligned with the Paris Agreement and COP 26.

Pillar III

Implementing the ten principles of the UN Global Compact .

Senior Management Team

A diverse and experienced team

Sam Chen


Ailin Wang

General Manager

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